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1. Panda Piyu the first time was idead to be a penguin, not panda.
2. Panda Piyu and Bunny Rokkee's voicebanks was recorded in a VCV voicebanks recording way.
3. Bunny Rokkee has sister Alecto and brother Tom.
4. Rokkee mum's name is Alissia.
5. Piyu and Rokkee's voicer is the same.
6. The first time Rokkee was voiced by AnkO MiTya (UtauPanda's friend), but till the voicebank was released, the voice actor changed.
7. Piyu had another design, but it was changed by request.
8. It was very hard to think of Piyu's name. She had a lot of different names.
9. Rokkee and Piyu don't have last names. Bunny and Panda are their nicknames.
10. Piyu's favorite colour was white, then it changed into green.
Views: 420 | Added by: UtauPanda | Date: 11.08.2011 | Comments (0)

1. So, what is "Panda Piyu UPDATE" voicebank? Is it her Append?

No, it's her Update. Her old voicebank is still her casual voicebank, "UPDATE" is just for people who don't like her old voicebank, and prefer another voice for her.
2. It will not be offensively if people will use her "UPDATE" voicebank as her casual voicebank?

No! It doesn't matter what voice they are using, the character is still Panda Piyu.

3. What about Rokkee?

Rokkee doesn't needs "UPDATE", her voice is cute and liked by most people. Maybe will be Append, but I'm not sure...

4. Is there will be an Append version of Piyu? If will, you will use her old or "UPDATE" voice?

We'll see. I'm not sure about it yet.

5. You will make new characters&voicebanks with "U ... Read more »
Views: 310 | Added by: UtauPanda | Date: 25.07.2011 | Comments (0)

Yo! My name is Helen, also known as UtauPanda. I'm 12 years old :3 I prefer when people call me Panda or Lira, because I don't really like my name. I like Utau and MMD. I have two Utauloids: Rokkee and Piyu, both made from my voice.
I enjoy to walk with friends, drawing and sitting in the Internet. I'm drawing in a different styles, sometimes using Pen Tablet, but mostly draw with my comp mouse. 
I LOVE anime! I don't like manga, I prefer coloured comic :3 I'm a weeaboo XDDD I like sushi and animals :3 (my favorite animal is (!) rabbit, not panda like some people think)
My utau Panda Piyu and Bunny Rokkee have same nature, interests and character as I, but I have another appearance. My eyes are grey, my hair is gold, till my shoulders. I have almost same hairstyle as Piyu has.
Oh, forgot to say: sometimes I'm in a troll mood, so be warned that I can kidly troll you XD I'm also found ... Read more »
Views: 523 | Added by: UtauPanda | Date: 25.07.2011 | Comments (2)

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